Central Processing Unit (CPU)


The central processing unit (CPU) of the BMS system interfaces with sense boards (daisy chain) to obtain voltage and temperature data from each individual cell, and it interfaces with shunt sensor to read pack current. The CPU is powered by a 12V DC source. It detects ground fault error, calculates the State-Of-Charge (SOC) of the battery pack, provides video output signal for display of pack voltage, pack current, SOC level, as well as alarm status. The CPU also provides alarm outputs for protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-current and over-temp conditions. EMS-CPU comes with three parts: the CPU itself, a shunt sensor and a computer cable connecting between the CPU and the sense board strings. EMS-CAN or EMS-MOD can be purchased together with EMS-CPU to add CANBUS or MODBUS communication capability for data extraction. Sensor board strings and an optional LCD screen are also sold separately.

Parts Description

Part NumberDescription
EMS-CPU1st generation CPU. CANBUS or MODBUS feature can be added.
EMS-CPUA1st generation CPU in an automotive style Cinch enclosure. CANBUS function is included.
EMS-CPUB1st generation CPU in an automotive style Deutsch enclosure. CANBUS function is included.
EMS-ABC1st generation CPU with automatic battery control feature and SOC output.
EMS2-CPUSecond generation CPU in an automotive style Deutsch enclosure. Additional features: automatic battery control (ABC), battery heating and cooling controls, WiFi connectivitiy, smartphone app display and control, remote data access via cloud. Data analysis and trend charts features are available with Elite User subscription.