Lithium Ion Battery

With Phosphate based chemistry and patented safety valve design, our Lithium Ion battery cells demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry. The safety valves can pop open under abuse conditions, quickly release internal cell pressure, and thus prevent cells from catching fire. Tests have been conducted to confirm cells do not catch fire or explode in various abusive conditions, such as nail penetration, short circuiting, over-charging, over-discharging, over-temperature, crushing, dropping, etc. Our Lithium Ion batteries are certified with UL1642 and UL1973 standards.

Cell capacities range from 20Ah to 400Ah. Using large format cells simplifies pack formation and system integration. Each bus bar connection to a cell terminal is secured using 4 screws, providing a much more robust connection and reduced contact resistance. Bus bars are made of silver plated copper bars to achieve maximum conductivity and high resistance to corrosion. Cell terminals are designed to accommodate BMS installation.  Cell covers provide additional protection for BMS circuits, bus bars and terminals.

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Key parameters:
Cell VoltageNominal voltage: 3.20V
Max cell voltage: 4.00V (recommend not to exceed 3.80V)
Min cell voltage: 2.50V (recommend not to drop below 2.80V)
Operating temperature ranges-20C to 65C for discharging
0C to 65C for charging
Current rangeUp to 3C continuous current for charging and discharging
Up to 10C impulse discharging current
Recommended charging and discharging current: 0.5C
Cycle time2000 cycles at 80%DOD at room temperature
Self dischargemax 3% per month
Single Cell 4-cell Pack
Part NumberCell Capacity (Ah)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)
GBS-LFMP20AH2072 x 42.5 x 1550.75180 x 79 x 1663.00
GBS-LFMP40AH40126 x 46 x 1891.40126 x 198 x 1896.60
GBS-LFMP60AH60126 x 65 x 1892.50126 x 274 x 1899.20
GBS-LFMP60AHB60126 x 65 x 1912.50126 x 278 x 1919.20
GBS-LFMP100AHX100140 x 62 x 2413.20262 x 140 x 24112.9
GBS-LFMP200AH200142 x 57 x 4895.50489 x 242 x 14224.9
GBS-LFMP200AHX200290 x 66 x 2386.50290 x 289 x 23828.2
GBS-LFMP300AHX300365 x 63 x 31210.6365 x 268 x 31246.0
GBS-LFMP400AHX400365 x 73 x 31213.2365 x 317 x 31256.4