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Welcome to Elite Power Solutions

Elite Power Solutions was founded in March 2008 to provide the safest and most cost-effective advanced battery solutions for electric vehicle and energy storage applications, as well as various emerging applications that demand advanced battery storage technology. Our products include large format Li-ion batteries, BMS systems and matching chargers. We partner with OEM customers and develop application-specific battery solutions in various markets.

Discover the Advantages of GBS Li-ion Batteries

GBS 100AH 4-cell pack

GBS Li-ion batteries cells demonstrate the highest safety performance in the industry. Phosphate based chemistry is well accepted as the safest Li-ion battery chemistry in the industry. The safety valves can pop open under extreme conditions, to quickly release internal cell pressure, and thus prevent cells from catching fire.

Features of Energy Management System

Energy Management System (EMS) is a vital part of a Li-ion battery system, in order for the battery system to achieve safety, performance and longevity. Our EMS system is designed to work seamlessly with GBS Li-ion batteries. It is designed and built in the U.S.A. The EMS system monitors the conditions of all battery cells within the pack, protects the cells from undesirable conditions, detects ground fault condition and provides pack level and cell level information through video display and CAN communication.